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Julian is usually quite cute in the mornings. He's snuggly and cuddly and easily placated (with milk and TV). We plop him in front of the TV and we shower and get ready for our mornings. He's happy, we get clean, it's the best of all worlds.

This morning Julian became bored of Thomas (!) and was saying something we couldn't understand and pointing to the stack of DVDs. Seth picked him up and let him point directly to the one that he wanted, which turned out to be Stuart Little. I was skeptical that this was really what he wanted because he's never been too interested in Stuart Little. I've never actually seen it, except a couple snippets here and there, because when it's been on, Julian hasn't been interested.

But as Seth was setting up the DVD player, Julian was saying something over and over until finally we understood it: "I want funny mouse!" He then proceeded to narrate the entire movie: "They're eating dinner, Eema!" , "Brushing teeth, Eema!" , "*gasp* Kitty!" and so on.

He's so CUTE, my little boy!
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