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Conversation with my husband

Me: How many miligrams of ibuprofen can I take?
Him: At once?
Me: Yeah.
Him: Do you have a headache or something?
Me: Yeah, and I've got Motrin.
Him: Well, why don't you-
Me: The good drugs are at home.
Him: Well you've got a bottle of Aleve in your car
[note: Admittedly, Aleve works better. Also, Seth doesn't know what a pain it is for me to get down to the garage since he's never been to my office, but it involves two elevators and half a flight of stairs. Then back up the half a flight of stairs, up one elevator, past a guard to swipe my badge, then up another elevator]
Me: I don't want to go to my car.
Him: You can take 800 miligrams at once.
Me: I took 400 and it didn't work.
Him: You can take the other 400.

Seriously... I mean, yeah, motrin doesn't work for me. I'll admit that. But couldn't he have just answered my question? Sometimes it's not entirely convenient to have a pharmacist for a husband. :)
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