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I am, temporarily, using Seth's Palm IIIxe. Though I don't particularly care for this model, it is definitely convincing me that I'm correct in wanting a PDA. And I think that a PDA Phone is probably the answer. Dealing with both phone and pda is annoying. Unfortunately, this probably means that I'm going to have to wait a while before I get it. Verizon is stupid about such things. I think I have another year before I can get another phone because they are bastages. Bleh.

I am very tired at work today, and fighting a really bad migraine. It's been a long time since I've left work because of a migraine, but I'm considering it. I've been typing this entry for 3 hours now, also, mostly because I can't focus enough to remember why I'm writing it. I had specific things to say and now I've forgotten.


Julian is being evaluated by an Occupational Therapist this tomorrow. She observed him in class (at the request of his teacher, and with my permission). They think he has "sensory integration issues." I wholeheartedly agree and it certainly explains a lot of his behaviours. This doesn't mean he's slow or stupid or anything like that. His teacher and the OT are both impressed by how intelligent he is. Though they could be saying that to make me feel better. ;) Anyway, it's a good thing. The bad thing will be when or if it comes to figuring out how to arrange therapy for him. Evaluation is tomorrow morning, so we will know more when she finishes her write-up.

Julian seems to have mostly gotten over his demon-child phase of November. Yes, he still has temper tantrums, but it used to be that temper tantrums were the baseline and calm moods were the exception. Now we're back to the more pleasant mode: happy is the baseline, tantrum is the exception. WHEW! We have funny conversations now. We used to have this conversation every morning:
Julian: Abba?
Eema: Abba went to work, sweetie.
Julian: Why?
Eema: Abba went to work so he can pay the mortgage so you have a place to live.
Julian: Okay.

Yesterday, however, we had a slight variation on the theme:
Julian: Eema! Where's Abba?
Eema: Abba went to work, sweetie.
Julian: Mortgage?
Eema: *stands there stunned* That's right!
Julian: Okay.
Then Julian walked away happily.
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