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I had a really nice shabbos, despite a rocky start.

The rocky start came in because, well, the guy painting our house left here at 10 minutes until candlelighting. He's *almost* done. So there was a bit of a flurry trying to figure out if we were going to even have a dining room table. But Seth put it back together and we set it up in the living room, so all was well.

I had decided to make challah around 1:30 or 2 o'clock, which is *exactly* enough time to make it happen. IF I made a small batch and worked fast (I normally make a batch that makes 8-10 challahs). So I made a small batch (3 normal sized loaves and 2 miniature braided loaves for Julian). It was nice to realize that I have enough confidence in my challah-baking skillz to throw a batch together like that. And they came out of the oven a few minutes before shabbos started so they were piping hot when we got to sit down to dinner. Whoo hoo.

Jo was our only guest. I hadn't expected the painting to still be going on, but I'm a pessimist (I prefer "realist" but there are those that disagree with my use of that term), so I didn't want to plan on more guests not knowing whether we'd have our furniture back in place or not. Good thing I was cautious about that, right? We had: Challah, hummus, Potato/Carrot soup, green beans, roast chicken, pasta (with basil, garlic, & pine nuts), tomato salad, and garlic bread. A simple, small meal, but it was only three of us. We had babka to eat for dessert, but we didn't eat it. We were all stuffed. Jo, Seth and I sat around talking for a while after dinner and eventually Jo ventured out into the cold, dark night and went home.

This morning I got up, got dressed, and davened shacharis while Seth entertained Julian. A miracle in and of itself lately. Seth went to shul, and Julian and I played until it was time to leave for "Torah Time" (the kids' shabbos program-thing). We got to shul and the woman running Torah Time this week asked if I wanted to just leave him and go daven. Er. "Are you sure? He's a little rambunctious." "Karen, I have 7 kids." Oh yeah. Well, I wasn't going to let her change her mind, so I dashed upstairs and arrived in time for the end of the Torah Service and the Rav's talk. I only got called out once (to change a diaper), and I was able to daven musaf in shul! That is seriously the first time I've done that in a year. Well, except for Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur when there was babysitting at the shul. But it was the first time in a year I've gotten to do that on Shabbos. Whoo hoo! Go me!

Seth, Julian and I came home and had cholent (I had thrown that together in the afternoon while the challah dough was rising) and leftover pasta salad for lunch. It was a nice lunch, though not fancy, which is fine. At least I wasn't scrambling around for tuna salad like I usually am for lunch. I'm very bad at planning shabbos lunches, since I usually put so much effort into preparing for dinners. Le Sigh. After lunch, Seth and Julian took naps, but I decided I wanted to stay awake because Alida was planning to pick me up on her way to a shiur (class) at 3 o'clock and I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time if I took a nap. This was probably wise. Alida did, indeed, pick me up for the shiur and we had a nice walk over to Rabbi Landesman's house for the shiur. I'll write more about it later, as I have some thoughts I'd like to try and preserve. I'll probably do that under a filter so I don't bore people who don't care about my Jewish Learning. Please let me know if you don't want to be on a filter like that. Maybe I'll just put it under an LJ-cut so that people are warned and can skip it.

Since a bunch of people were there who are involved with the banquet planning we had an impromptu mini-banquet meeting on our way to shul after the shiur, which was good because it needed to be done. More on that in a separate entry as well. Suffice it to say, there have been some snags with the banquet planning, so we have some things to work out quickly. Very quickly. But that's another story.

I walked with Stevie back to her house and continued our mini-meeting for a few minutes, dashed home, picked up Julian and brought him over to Alida's to play with Avi for a little toddler-seudah shlishit. Except that we didn't actually have a meal. But the boys did get to play with (near) each other. And Julian had two new cats to torture. Seth picked me up after shabbos so that we didn't have to walk home in the dark and instead of being productive tonight, we are getting a babysitter and going to the movies.
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