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Life Balance

Of the Good/Of the Bad doesn't quite seem to cover it this time. So here's my variation.

Of the "Not-so-Great":
The color I picked out for the walls... um, NO.

Of the "Whew-It-Isn't-a-Crisis-Yet":
The color-blind painter had the presence of mind to figure out this might not have been the color I'd intended before he put the color on the wall and called me.

Of the Better:
I was able to go home during lunchtime and pick new colors. I hope they work because after an hour of tormenting myself, sethcohen and leahmiriam with color options I finally gave in and picked a color. And I'm just going to have to like it, darnit. We shall see. So I wasted a couple gallons of paint, which irritates me, but at least I don't have to have years of unhappiness about the color. Right? RIGHT??

Of the "Extremely-Irritating":
I'm having ridiculous neck spasms and my cold has suddenly gotten worse. I'm not enjoying either of these and I have no drugs for either with me. Bleh.

Of the "Could-Be-Worse":
I have no migraine, and I did remember (finally!) to bring tissues to work.

Of the "Good-Timing":
My insurance card for the new insurance came today. So if I need to consult with a medical professional... I can!

Of the Fabulous:
So far, I have had an extremely productive day at work. Whoo hoo.

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