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Adventures in Pet Ownership

I never wanted a pet. Even a fish is too much responsibility as far as I'm concerned. I mean, kids? No problem...they at least grow up eventually and theoretically learn how to take care of themselves. But fish? No. They don't learn to go make a living on their own and buy their own food and cook their own dinners. I've got to remember to feed them every day for the rest of their (very short) lives.

So I married a man who owns two cats. And his philosophy is that if he had to choose between me and the cats, well, I can take care of myself and they can't, so I'd have to go. So I'm now the owner-by-marriage of two cats. Admittedly, occasionally they earn their keep (like the mouse they killed once). But mostly they are just short and fuzzy and pretty darned needy. (Please don't take this to mean that I don't like them. Despite my better judgment, I'm crazy about them)

The problem with these little creatures is that you start caring about them. And once you care about them it's all over. Pipsqueak (she's my favorite) has been squinting one of her eyes for a while. Tonight she let me get close enough to realize that her eye was a little cloudy and that it was leaking fluid. Yuck. This has happened once before and we have an ointment for it, so we fought with her and got the ointment in her eye and gave her kitty treats and hoped that it would get all better. But the ointment stings and so she was unhappy. But it was more than that...she keeps pawing at her eye, and she cowered in the kitchen crying. I don't like to hear her cry or see her hurting. It's yucky.

So poor Seth, the night before he leaves for NH, just left to take her to the emergency vet. He's going to make a great dad. ;)

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