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quickie update

There's a lot going on. I'm too busy and too frreaking tired to do a real update, but here are the basics:

-Seth didn't get to go back to work yesterday. His knee was feeling slightly better, but not enough, and then, well, then he threw his back out. Now he can barely stand up, and he can only do that when he is sufficiently drugged with muscle relaxers and narcotics.

-Last night the pain was bad enough that I took him to the emergency room. It was not the most pleasant of ER visits we've ever had, but they did give him really, really good drugs.

-Because of the ER visit, I got to bed at 3:30 last night. Julian woke up at 5:30. I ignored him until 6:30 when he started to get upset. I put him in front of the TV and went back to sleep for almost an hour. Then I got up, went to two pharmacies in search of a pharmacy that had the drugs Seth was prescribed. I failed. Came home, got Julian dressed, made his lunch, took him to school (late), stopped at a third pharmacy which DID have the drugs (yay), came home, drugged my husband, changed my shirt, brushed my teeth, failed to shower (ick) and went to work.

-I got to work at 11am, missing my 10am meeting. at noon we left for my goodbye lunch, which is to say I had soda and everyone else had mediocre food, but it was good to be able to say goodbye.

-Had to leave work at 4 to pick up the monsters, because Seth certainly couldn't.

-Got home with Julian, made him dinner, talked to glenbarnett,cc changed yet another poopy diaper (kudos to Seth for changing the first one), Jo came over, hung out with her, made Seth's dinner, watched a jar of salsa explode and then burble like a volcano in my sink, made Seth a new dinner, talked with Jo, tried to put Julian to sleep, ended up in a screaming fit because darnit I'm TIRED, left Julian in his room despite his angry protestations about it being bedtime, talked with jo some more, she left, and here I am.

It was NOT a productive day. I am now tired and I have a list of things I need to do. But I think I will just go to bed instead.

Can I PLEASE take some time off this wife and mommy gig for a few days? Or at least hours?
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