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Saturday night, Seth ran an errand and I was still dealing with the Migraine From Hell (tm). When he got back I decided that my head couldn't possibly hurt any more so I asked if he wanted to watch some TV with me instead of cleaning up the kitchen. Well, duh! So we started watching the first season of Desperate Housewives. We watched 7 episodes. It's an odd, but entertaining show. Sunday we watched a couple more and last night we watched another couple more. This is not good. We will need something new to watch.

The odd thing about us (well, one of the many odd things about us) is that we don't watch TV. Which is to say, we don't watch broadcast TV. We watch TV shows on DVD only. But we tend to watch shows after they're off the air, so it doesn't matter if we watch all four seasons of a show in a month (it usually takes way longer than that), because it's not like we'll catch up or anything. But with DH, this is a problem. If we finish this season too quickly, we can't get the next season for a LONG time! And it's not like we can start watching it on TV because the 2nd season is already in progress. We'd have a gap. So... DRAT! It's extremely rare that we manage to have 3 nights in a row that we can watch TV, so I suspect we'll slow down really soon.

Sunday we got a bunch of errands done. Seth went up to Owings Mills to pick up some things at the Menswear store he used to go to. They are going out of business, so he picked up four shirts at a good discount. Then he went to BJs. Yay for him! I hate BJs, so I love that he's willing to go.

Meanwhile, my mother came over, I got a phone call and found out that Seth and I (together) are chairing this year's synagogue banquet committee. Ummmmmmm......... Right. My mom came over, I made Julian some pasta, Seth came home, and we went to White Flint Mall to SPEND MONEY! Seriously!

Seth went with me to Talbot's. I thought he would be bored out of his mind, and I was surprised he didn't want to just wander the mall while I spent money, but I'm SO glad he opted to come in with me. He let me parade in and out of the dressing room to see my selections. And, by and large, he approved. Even after I showed him the price tags. I spent a helluva lot more money than I would have if I had gone by myself. But I got things I really needed... two business suits and three sweater sets. And a fuzzy orange sweater I didn't need but I LOVE IT. It is soft and snuggly and it hugs me and keeps me warm.

The best part? I've gone down a jacket size (still freaking huge, just not unbelievably freaking huge) and two skirt sizes (still huge, just not freaking huge). I suppose there's an upside to being off the Depakote, despite the migraines. Sigh. In case you're wondering, yes, I'm still fat. But I'm happy that my size is going in the proper direction. For the moment...

In other news... wait, there is no other news!

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