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Two owies:
I have done something dreadful to my foot/ankle. I am not enjoying it. This pain has been around for some time now, but it's getting worse. And there's an odd thing that happens when I wake up in the morning... it's VERY hard for me to walk on either feet. It feels like there's no padding on my feet and I'm stepping on sharp things. It hurts. A lot. It has always been like this... it takes me 15 minutes or so before I can walk normally. But, again, it's getting worse and I want to know why. Problem is I can't go see a podiatrist. I think they're weird. I have a "thing" about podiatrists. Seriously, what kind of wacko would want to spend their lives looking at FEET? EW. Of course, if I saw a podiatrist, I might be able to solve the great shoe mystery (as in, why is it that shoes with any kind of support give me shin splints immediately?). But I still refuse. There MUST be another option.

Second owie is my head. My stupid head refuses to stop hurting. I went almost 10 hours without a migraine and I thought maybe I'd passed through this cycle. Now it's back. Aleve will not help. I don't have anything stronger, nor could I take it if I did. I was recently pointing out to Seth that the last time I was off Depakote, I was getting migraines almost non-stop (5-6 a week), but this time that I'm off the Depakote, I wasn't getting them so often, but they were incredibly stubborn and unresponsive to pain medicine. I think I have now merged the two categories. I'm getting a lot of them AND medicine doesn't help them. Drat. I am unamused. So let's review my options: 1. headache-free (or close enough), fat(ter), and not allowed to risk getting pregnant (on the Depakote) OR 2. Lots of headaches, still fat (but not continuing to gain weight), and possibly still not capable of having children. Hmmmmm... Yeah, they didn't sound like very good options to me either.
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