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Monday night I was in the Emergency Room because my pain had gotten so bad I was throwing up. As further evidence of how awesome my husband is (as if we needed further evidence...hah!), he was at the gym when I first decided that I needed to go to the hospital. I called him and said, simply, "I need you to come home." He said, "Okay, I'm on my way." It wasn't until he got home 10 minutes later that he asked, "What happened?" For all he knew, I needed him to come home so he could reach something on the top shelf. ;) Of course, that wasn't why, and he knew it, but he's just so great.

So the latest theory is that I have something wrong with my gall bladder (be it gall stones, or an infection, or whatever else it could be...) I went to see a new doctor on Friday, at the request of my urologist. Hopefully, the new perspective, from a different type of specialist will provide some answers. And the good news is that if it is my gall bladder, they'll take the sucker out, and I'll never have to worry about it again. One of the first things the new doc said to me was that I needed a better, longer-lasting pain medicine. This is something I'd been trying to explain to the urologist (without sounding like a drug-seeker) for weeks. So the new doctor rocks, in my book. One of the biggest problems I'd been having was that the pain medicine I'd been taking (demerol, so it's not like it was wimpy pain medicine) took about 30-45 minutes to kick in, worked pretty well for an hour to an hour and a half, and then it'd be another 2 hours before I could take any more. So that was a lot of pain and misery for not a lot of relief.

The doctor gave me a pain medicine in a 72-hour PATCH. How cool is that? The first day I was unimpressed and I didn't think it was working that well. Upon further investigation into the package insert and much discussion with Seth (very handy to have a pharmacist for a husband sometimes), I discovered that the patch has an additive effect, for lack of a better term. It's first peak supposedly happens around the fourth day (tomorrow/today), and it's largest peak is around the 6th day. So it has gradually gotten cooler and cooler and I've become more and more loopy and less and less able to drive. I'm perfectly okay with this.

What I am not perfectly okay with is that I haven't been able to keep much in the way of food down for most of the weekend. This is yucky. I shall call my doctor tomorrow and ask about getting some medication to help the nausea.

On a brighter note, Wednesday was my birthday. I turned 27. Yeah, I'm a youngin'. Our friends Jo and Cary sent me flowers. The card was pre-printed with "Happy Birthday" and had a hand-written note that said "And get well soon; love, Jo and Cary"... Although it's pathetic that I needed a get well soon message on my birthday bouquet, they were beautiful and really cheered me. Seth also brought me flowers and Kosher Krispy Kremes (Hillel and Jeanne also gave me Krispy Kremes...I won't say how long they didn't last...all two dozen of them). When the clock chimed (the proverbial chime, of course, we don't actually have a chiming clock) midnight marking the start of my birthday, Seth brought down one of my birthday presents (the Godfather Trilogy on DVD). He had previously given me Buffy Season 1 on DVD for an early b-day present. All in all, it was a good birthday.

Friday night Jeanne and Hillel joined us for Shabbos dinner. To help ease the strain on me of cooking while feeling yucky, they brought rotisserie chicken and sesame chicken thingies from one of the local kosher restaurants, and I provided the side dishes. We had a really lovely meal, and I was glad for their company. Jacob, their son, is so darned cute. He's going to be crawling any day now. They left at 7:30 or so, and I could have sworn it was more like midnight. It's amazing how one's perspective changes when the sun sets earlier.

I truly love having company for shabbos. I strive to have an open, welcoming home every week, and it's a joy to share shabbos with others. I hope that others always feel welcome in our home and that Seth can feel comfortable knowing that I can always make room for one more, even at the last minute. I do appear to have developed the distinctly Jewish fear that I never have enough food, and therefore usually have food for 8 times the number of people we have. I suppose there are worse fears to have! At least it provides lots of leftovers for later. :)

Friday also would have been my grandparents' 51st anniversary, had my grandfather not passed away last February. 51 years! Can you imagine? I hope that I am so blessed in my life. I have a good start, at least.

Tuesday is Seth's birthday. He's an old man. Just kidding. He's just right. We're going to dinner with both of our mothers, which should be a good time. Hopefully we'll all manage to not kill each other. ;) There's a nice restaurant in Pikesville (the Brasserie) which is Kosher French Cuisine. It's very yummy, but it's a little far away, so we don't go there very often. We are looking forward to another yummy meal.

I got Seth the 3rd season of Buffy (we'd already gotten the 2nd season independent of our birthdays), which I've already given him. We've watched about half of it. It's funny; Seth resisted watching Buffy for a long time, not because he didn't think he'd like it, but because he was already watching "enough" T.V. But he started watching sporadically last season and has barely missed an episode this season. He's starting to quote Buffy and the other characters quite often, and it's so cute. So now I'm getting him addicted to the earlier episodes as well.

We're looking forward to a time when neither of us is sick, so that we can celebrate our birthdays quietly and alone. I'm in great need of some quality snuggle time.

Signing off now...that's enough babbling for one night.

Oh, one other thing...yesterday was the third anniversary of my first date with Seth. I never would have thought that nearly three years later, I'd marry him. I'm so glad I did. :-D [EDIT: I can't count. It was the fourth anniversary of our first date. I suppose it doesn't much matter now that we're married, but it would be nice if I could do simple math!]

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