Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

holding off on the happy dance...

So as I said, they called. And, as promised, it's later and there's more to tell...

Ahem. So actually there's not much left to tell. At 2pm Mike from IMSG called, but I was without cell reception for a ridiculously brief period of time, so my phone never rang. Drat. at 2:10 my phone informed me that I had a voicemail. Actually, it was also the first time it bothered to tell me about three *other* messages which were from as long ago as Thursday!

Anyway, so Mike called and said he had a really good talk with Alex, the client, and so he just wanted "to touch base to talk about the rest of the details and to offer [me] a job."


So I called him immediately back, of course, at 2:11. And I got his voicemail. And I left him a message. It is now 3:15 and I haven't heard back from him. It's making me nervous, but it shouldn't, of course. He's already said he wants to offer me a job. So why am I nervous? I feel like he could be changing his mind as I wait!! Even though I know he's not. Anyway, if I don't hear from him by 5pm, I'll call him because he won't be able to reach me from 6pm tonight through 7pm Wednesday night.


Anyway, once I get the official word, I'll be doing my happy dance. :) If only I could remember what I did with my snoopy happy dance icon. I know I had one.

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