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Julian is sick. Great timing. If he just had a cold, it would be no big deal. But he has conjunctivitis. This means if he's not better by tomorrow, I can't go to shul, because I can't leave him in the babysitting program. DRAT. I am hoping that Julian is not symptomatic tomorrow, in which case he can safely go to the babysitting at the shul and I can actually (*gasp*) daven at shul.

I should mention that except when he has a fever (which is on and off), he's completely in good spirits and bouncing around and happy. He didn't have school today because it is erev Rosh Hashana, so we got a nanny from White House Nannies. This is our first experience with WHN, but the nanny that came today is terrific. She's bubbly and happy and perky and boy is that annoying! Oh, wait, it's a good thing. :) Julian immediately fell in love with her, and they have great plans to go to the park and have lots of fun together. Julian will love her for taking him to the park. Yesterday Grandpa took him to the park, so this will be TWO days in a row!

I haven't done nearly enough cooking and I'm working today, so no more cooking will be done today (until dinner). We're having no company tonight (thank heavens). No idea what we're eating tonight. Oh, and no idea where my honey pot is. Phooey.

    Tuesday Lunch:
  • Guests: Polonsky's and their au pair (4)
  • Food: Challah, Apples & Honey, new fruit (pomegranate?) gefilte fish fritters, Armenian lamb stew, rice, salad, butternut squash kugel, and honey cake for dessert. I hope that's enough.

  • Tuesday Dinner:
  • Guests: Felds & Pearlmans (4 adults, one child)
  • Food: I have no idea. Probably mushroom/barley soup, corned beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, apple kugel, salad, and dessert. Um, obviously also challah, apples & honey, new fruit (we have a weird melon thing to try), and gefilte fish patties.
  • Wait... Ima Pearlman can eat barley, right? gnomi??

  • Wednesday Lunch:
  • Guests: Ellen Finkelman, two of her teenage daughters, and her mother (5)
  • Food: Challah, apples & honey, new fruit, gefilte fish, tomato soup, chicken, rice, kugels, salad, and dessert. Should be plenty, right?
We're really not having a lot of guests, so it's ridiculous that I haven't figured out menus yet. Part of it is that Seth went and did the grocery shopping and I'm not entirely sure what he purchased. Hopefully it will all work out. It always does, right? Usually I have menus laid out long in advance.

Yesterday, gingy came over and we baked challah (lots) and butternut squash kugels. After she left, I made the Armenian stew (minus the pumpkin...I haven't gotten to that yet). I also made corned beef. I did not make my fish. I'm hoping to do that before yom tov starts. I'm not counting on it. I have the batter all made, I was just too tired to do it last night. Bad things would have happened.

I'm tired. I'm really tired. There isn't much going on other than me being tired. I just looked at the message boards for my high school class (alumni page)... I hadn't looked at it in months, but I just saw a post from August that a classmate of ours was killed in a car accident in July. I can't believe this is hitting me so hard, but I'm just stunned. Horrified? I don't know. I feel like I've been punched really hard. I hadn't talked to Jason in years...we only stayed in touch through most of undergrad (he was in his 7th year of a PhD program in chemistry and cell biology at Berkely). It's hard to think of having to make condolence calls for our classmates, though this is not the first I've had to think about, unfortunately. *sniff*
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