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shabbos update... mostly for me.

First batch of challah is in the oven. At least one more batch before I'm done (it's all braided, but I'm not sure how much I can fit in the oven at once). I haven't even started the brownies. I can't not do them tonight. I will die if I have to do them tomorrow. I also need to remember to stop and pick up fresh fruit because we do have someone coming who can't eat wheat. That or meringues. Or both. Oh crud. I don't have salad stuff either.


Okay, shopping list:
-Fruit (grapes, strawberries, um, that's enough)
-salad stuff
-yarzheit candles (for yom tov)
-probably other stuff

P.S. It wouldn't be real shabbos prep if I didn't manage to burn myself, would it. Argh. It doesn't hurt. I'm just annoyed.
Tags: insomnia, shabbos

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