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Julian's Birthday Party
Julian had a great birthday party last Sunday (the 18th). We had a gazillion people here, including Julian's great grandmother, great aunt, maternal grandparents, Uncle Greg, my mother, Seth's mother, and Seth's brother, in addition to a lot of good friends and a fair number of Julian's friends (I think there were about 10 children here in addition to all the adults). Our friend Lisa made a terrific car-shaped cake. It was a beautiful red car and Julian loved it. When Lisa dropped it off at the beginning of the party, Julian followed me all the way from the sunroom into the kitchen calling "car! car! carcarcarcarcar! CAR!" Suffice it to say, he was excited. The rest of Julian's party was themed around Thomas the Tank Engine, which is Julian's current obsession. I ordered a grilled veggie wrap tray and a tuna wrap tray, as well as a bowl of fruit salad and a small pastry tray from Koshermart, which worked out really well. It saved me a lot of time, effort and mess, and everyone loved the food, or so they told me, so I have no complaints about spending the money, though I did initially have some reservations about it. Julian got lots of fun toys to play with at his party, which is really what's important to a two year old. Anyway, there are pictures at http://homepage.mac.com/karen_cohen/Julian/PhotoAlbum38.html

Lost and Found
I did find my engagement and wedding rings the same day that I lost them, so all is right with the world again. I had forgotten that I had placed them on the windowsill over the sink so that I wouldn't lose them. Ooops. Typical, though.

Last Shabbos
Last shabbos, we had a small meal, with beaniekins, psu_jedi, and caryabend as guests. I made BBQ short ribs which came out really well. I was worried about them because for the first time ever I made them in the crock pot overnight, but they came out very nicely. They were terrifically moist and full of flavor. I served them with rice, garlic bread, salad, and baked acorn squash (baked with maple chips in them so they were sweet and gooey). Saturday, Seth went to the early minyan, but I still wasn't feeling well enough when he got home to go to shul myself. Seth did, however, take Julian up to shul for kiddush, and Julian had a great time and received lots of compliments. Julian came home and took a nap while Seth and I played Carcassonne with our new "Inns and Cathedrals" expansion. When Seth went to Mincha, my friend Alida came over with her son, Avi, and we had an impromptu seudah shlishit here (with baklava!). Now that shabbos is getting to be earlier, Alida has suggested that we have a weekly seudah shlishit with the boys, which will be great. Some forced socialization on shabbos is good for me.

Apple Picking
leahmiriam and I went apple picking today. Er, well, I ended up with more tomatoes than apples, but that's okay. I picked 17 pounds of tomatoes. They were too gorgeous to stop picking! Mmmmmm. I can't wait to make tomato soup, tomato sauce, and, um, other tomatoey stuff. I also picked about 10 pounds of apples and a few pounds of blackberries. Mmmm Mmmmm. The apples were pretty slim pickings, though they are definitely TASTY! I have two apple kugels in the oven now. When I combine that with the butternut squash kugels in the freezer, I'm good for kugels for yom tov, except I do want to do at least one potato kugel. I take it back, the apple kugels are now out of the oven and cooling on the stovetop until they are cool enough to stick in the freezer....boy do they look (and smell!) yummy.

Yom Tov Cooking
I have done very little cooking for Yom Tov. I don't even know who we're having for most of the meals. Here's who we've got so far:
  • First Night Dinner: No one other than the three of us)
  • First Day Lunch: Probably the Polonskys (4 plus us)
  • Second Night Dinner: Kramers (2 1/2) and possibly Felds (5)?
  • Second Day Lunch: Finkelman/Ruffers (5), possibly Felds (5)? (And Polonskys if they don't come first day lunch)
So that's who I'm having so far. I have no idea what I'm cooking. I've got apple kugels and butternut squash kugels done. I bought a case of gefilte fish today, so I'll do some gefilte fish fritters possibly tomorrow night and put those in the freezer. But main courses? Not a clue. Not even a little one. What I can say for certain is that I will not be serving fish heads or sheep's heads for yom tov. Ick.

This week
Monday evening I'll probably be cooking... possibly tomato soup and fish fritters. Tuesday evening I'm helping to set up the shul for babysitting for yom tov, then probably more cooking. Wednesday I'm going to Nechama's to make a zillion pieces of stuffed cabbage for her succos meals (she serves, um, I dunno... probably a hundred people for succos, I'm guessing). Thursday I'm ... oh yeah, shabbos cooking. Seth is having knee surgery Thursday morning, so I'll be on kid duty until he goes to sleep and then I'll be cooking. I can't get out of shabbos cooking this week because Friday I'm bringing shabbos dinner to someone who just had a baby. So there you go. That's my whole week.

That's all Folks
There's really not much else going on... except, well, work, and um, work and, um, taking care of the toddler. So I'll wrap up here.
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