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Miss Manners revisited:
February 2nd, 2005, page C11 of the Washington Post. Yes, I realize this is neither a complete nor a properly formatted citation.

Dear Miss Manners:
Is it appropriate behavior to clip your fingernails at work? There are no offices or doors.

And no bathrooms?
Even if there are, working conditions must be dreadful. If your workday is so long that your fingernails grow out during the course of it, Miss Manners suggests that you spend that time looking for another job.

Tee hee. Clipping fingernails at work and in other public places is one of my serious pet peeves. I don't know why it oogs me out, but that sound of the clip, clip, clip... oh it's just horrifying to me! I am glad to see that Miss Manners agrees with me that it is inappropriate.
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