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Julian Update

Here is the text of the email I sent out to Julian's grandparents, our folks, and some non-LJ-enabled friends:

I've put some new pictures up on the website.  It's getting quite full, so I think next time I get the chance, I'm going to take down some of the older ones.  Don't worry, I've still got them all on my computer.  If there are any you want in particular, I'll be happy to send them to you, either in print form or electronically.

The first page is from our trip down to Florida for the Scott Family Reunion (my father's side of the family).  It was Julian's first plane ride, and as such, it was an adventure.  It certainly required lots of patience from Eema and Abba.  The ride down wasn't so horrible, but Eema got the exciting experience of changing a diaper on her lap in the airplane bathroom.  They say you haven't lived, until...  well, anyway, they're wrong.  There's got to be more to life!  We arrived in Florida exhausted and determined never to fly with a toddler again.  Therefore, we told my father, we'd have to leave Julian in Florida until he grew up.  No problem, my father said, so long as we pick him up before he becomes a (*shudder*) teenager.  Julian had a great time meeting all the cousins, uncle, and great-great-uncle (among others).  The trip was, of course, too short, and we decided Julian was cute enough to take home.  Boy was that a mistake!  I was regretting taking him back on a plane just about the time he threw up on me.  Ack!  The flight attendants for that Southwest flight received a glowing letter of thanks from me afterward, though.  They were fantastically helpful and put us at ease despite the yuckiness.

Julian started "school" this week, which was a big deal for him.   He's in the two-year-old preschool class at the Hebrew Academy in Rockville.  He's loving it.  The classroom has a laundry basket filled to the brim with toys with wheels.  Well, nothing keeps Julian's attention like a plethora of cars and trucks, so he was all for it.  He had no interest in saying bye to Eema and Abba when we dropped him off, and he had no interest in leaving the classroom when we came to pick him up.  Now he's a pro and walks into school with a 7-year-old that we carpool with and doesn't even look back.  He loves being in a classroom with other kids, though he's apparently somewhat disruptive at naptime.  Hopefully he'll calm down a bit.  All the teachers have commented on how loving and affectionate Julian is... never letting them go when he decides it's time to bestow hugs and kisses.

He's talking like a pro, also.  Lots and lots of words and he's learning to string them together into almost-sentences.  Let's see, what's new?  There are so many words now, that it's hard to list the new ones.  But most notably, he is learning to use verbs appropriately, like "eat," "talk," "go," and "stop."  He's also learning to talk into the phone.  He often grabs our cell phones and cries, "Hewwo?" and loves to talk to anyone who calls.  He's much more consistent about saying "please" and occasionally says "thank you" or "sorry" appropriately.  He asks for things politely, like "Cup peas?" or "Chicky peas" ("Chicken, please").  Well, there's a lot more, but you'll have to come see him to hear.

Anyway, I digress.  There's lots more to say, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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