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I still feel yucky. I am not really in much pain, though, so life is good. I don't know if I have passed the kidney stone or not, but either way, I am appreciating the hiatus from the pain. I didn't take pain medicine most of yesterday or all of today. Though my pain was pretty severe, I was able to focus myself elsewhere with biofeedback techniques. Now I don't even feel the need to focus that much, just the occasional nagging pains, but I'm used to those. I barely even pay attention. The rest of me, however, feels decidedly horrid. I'm coughing, I'm achey, I'm feverish, I'm congested, my head is so full of sinus pressure I feel like it must be running out of space.

That said, I'm still decidedly lucky, seeing as how I'm not located anywhere near the Gulf Coast.

I'm lonely though... Seth is in New Jersey for a wedding. The wedding is tomorrow, but he went up yesterday, since he's in the wedding party. I was supposed to meet him up there tomorrow for the wedding, but it ain't happening. Even if I weren't sick, Julian's nanny is sick and can't come to watch Julian for the day. Julian has been with his grandmother for shabbos and is returning in the morning, when I will revert to single parenthood while sick. Joy.

I've caught up on LJ finally, though I did almost no commenting. I had to go back almost 200 entries to catch up. If I missed anything, I'm sorry.

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