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I do, indeed, have a kidney stone. osewalrus kindly agreed to take Julian (and Aaron of course) to school today (it was my day to drive to school). We dropped Julian off with osewalrus at 7am, another kindness bestowed upon us by the lovely Feld clan. Seth then took me to the hospital. I have to say that I feel ridiculous going to the ER for a kidney stone. There is nothing they can do other than do an x-ray (or in this case, a CT scan) to confirm what the problem is and give pain medicine. Those are both things my regular doctor could have done for me. Since this is my TENTH kidney stone, it's not like I didn't know what was going on. But at 6:20 when I was crying uncontrollably in pain, Seth gave me 2 vicodin ES tablets, called the Felds, got dressed and got Julian up and dressed and took me. By the time the doctor saw me, the pain medicine had me seriously not caring about my pain. So, like I said, I felt a little ridiculous being there, but on the other hand, he ordered a CT scan and confirmed that I have a kidney stone and wrote me a script for more painkillers (and wasn't even stingy about them, which is amazing in and of itself), so it was not a wasted trip.

Seth went to work around 12:15 and I curled up on the couch wondering why on earth I hadn't gone to work because, you know, I felt pretty okay. I wasn't in a lot of pain, I didn't feel loopy from the pain killers. I was tired, but otherwise couldn't figure out why I was home. A couple hours later the phone rang and I stood up to answer it and I felt like a knife was slicing a line through my abdomen. Oh yeah. THAT'S why I didn't go to work. The pain medicine wore off. DUH. More medicine. Life was good again.

beckyfeld picked the kids up from school and brought Julian home. My sweet boy is getting so grown up! Wowie! He was in a fine mood, ate a great dinner, and mostly entertained himself, since Seth was at work late to make up for lost time. Julian gets cuter and cuter every day, and I do need to do a Julian update soon, but I just haven't had the time. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, back to my drug-induced utopia.
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