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  • Gas prices continue to astound me. Average prices in DC have gone up $0.25 in the space of a few days, which is a third of the total increase over the last month. I'm glad I don't live in California. I've seen pictures of the gas prices out there. SHEESH.
  • Julian seems to be over his plague. This is a good thing. He's awfully cute, but I don't enjoy him when he's sick.
  • My stress from yesterday mostly evaporated. This is also a good thing.
  • I discovered some great things today. Boundless Playgrounds is the only one I can remember but it's pretty darned amazing.
  • Seth, Julian, and I are leaving for Florida on Friday for my father's family reunion. Joy. This means no Shabbos dinner menus. And I'm okay with that. But it also means packing up a weekend's worth of food. This would be no problem were it not for the toddler. And the plane ride. And holy schmoly, have any of you realized what a pain in the toe it is to travel with a small child??? There's the carseat and the stroller and the diaper bag and the bag o' toys/books, and the prayers that he won't scream bloody murder on the plane, and the snack for the plane for him and on and on and on. Never mind that he probably needs like 8 changes of clothes because of Murphy. (Just kidding. He only needs 3 changes of clothes plus pajamas.... one change of clothes per day plus one extra.
  • I have purchased most of Julian's supplies for "school" but I can't find a long-sleeved plastic smock. They say they sell them at the school, but who has time for that? I can't be at the school during their hours. It's just not going to happen. And it's not like I can hand Julian $10 and say, "go buy yourself a smock, honey, and bring Eema the change." Whatever. Plus, we have to bring a box of diapers, 2 boxes of wipes, two boxes of tissues, two boxes of 100-count latex gloves (what the hell?), $10 for "digital cameras and developing" (huh? aren't I paying enough tuition? And do they need to buy new cameras every year?), and a bazillion other things. How the bleepity bleep am I supposed to get this stuff there? When we bring him to school, we're supposed to drop him off from the carpool "drop off" area, so it's not like we're going in with him. Teachers meet the kids and escort them to their rooms. So, um, yeah. Plus I can't figure out how they know what room he goes to. How are they going to remember my kid? Am I stressing over nothing? I guess I went to really large schools and I just am forgetting that the entire school (2 year old nursery school through 12th grade is like 700 students). Probably it's not going to be the crowded zoo I'm expecting. I should just chill.
  • Sarah still sux.
  • My hubby is the greatest. He bought me flowers Sunday night. I love him.
  • Um....
  • Did I mention that there's a whole lotta work trying to get everything together for a TWO DAY TRIP? Oy. Life was so much easier when it was just me traveling.
  • Anybody have any ideas how to label all of Julian's stuff? Like his dark blue backpack that has to be labeled with his name? Okay, so I'm an idiot and if I'd been thinking, I'd have gotten him a pink backpack so that I could just use a black sharpie, but I was afraid the kids would make fun of him, which brings me back to my original problem. How do I do this? I haven't had a lot of luck with fabric paint in the past...which is to say, I find it difficult to *write* with.

That is all for now.

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