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back, I suppose

So much for my planned LJ hiatus, I suppose. Meh. No biggie.

lionsaoi reminded me that I really, really want to start cooking Moroccan food. Sigh. Recipes please.

Also, I remember that ichur72 sent me a recipe for baklava once. Now I can't find it. Recipes welcome for baklava also.

Also, I need recipe ideas for Friday night. Most of our fridge and freezer stocks have gone away, thanks to 40 hours of no power over the weekend, so I have to do some serious shopping eventually. There's a chickpea soup I'd like to try, but there are three problems with that: 1. I don't know who's coming for dinner, so I don't know if I'll have squeamish people afraid of new things; 2. I don't know where to find dried chickpeas. I know that's ridiculous, but there you have it...I only know where to find canned ones, though I suppose it would still work that way; 3. the recipe in its original form requires salt pork... no idea what to replace that with. Maybe Jerky, if I can get Seth to go to Baltimore this week.

It's interesting that I think so much about food, because not only have I not been hungry recently, food in general has been nauseating me. Seth had to close his mayonaisse-infested sandwich prematurely yesterday because I had that strong a reaction to the smell. Ick.

More to come in a subsequent entry.
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