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New Pictures of Julian are up!

There are a few pictures from July 4th. We had drmellow & yarbiedoll with Mr. & Mrs. bodnej over to visit. Unfortunately, I didn't get the camera out until after the Bodners left, but I got some great pictures with Greg and Meredith.

The rest of the pictures are from July 11th. Julian and I went out to Virginia to visit have_inner_lady and predigested. They took us to a Fallow Deer Farm down the road from them. It was really amazing for a certified-city-girl like me! (okay, I'm really a suburb girl, but you get the point). Julian had a great time, but was overwhelmingly excited when he discovered a TRACTOR on the premises. And, of course, threw a huge fit when I told him he had to get off so that we could feed him dinner and start our 2 hour drive home. He was absolutely unamused. Ah well.

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