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Near-death experience... okay, not so much near death, but sheesh!

Last night I left work pretty late (around 6pm). I finally gave up on work and left, because the power went out for a minute or so, and I took that as my cue to leave.

The storm outside was not pretty... I was walking through the parking lot and the thunder was so bad car alarms were going off and cars were shaking slightly from it. I heard a loud *CRACK!* and then saw sparks where my hand was holding the umbrella and heard/felt this bzzzt feeling. Then saw the lightning bolt. So I ran to my car, desperately stuffed the umbrella in the back seat and grabbed the door handle to get into the front seat, and another *CRACK!* and again... sparks where my hand was holding onto the car door, same bzzzzt feeling/sound, hair standing on end, and then suddenly the lightning bolt.

I got into the car, panicked, called Seth told him I was about to die and that I love him, and then saw a bolt of lightning come down and hit the pavement of the parking lot right in front of my car. I thought lightning was supposed to strike the highest point? Why did it miss the car then? Anyway ACK! The other thing I want to know is... what is it that shocked me? Is it just that the air during a lightning storm is super-charged with static electricity? Clearly I wasn't struck by the actual bolt of lightning, but something bit me for sure. *shiver* Yes, I know this proves what a moron I am when it comes to science, but well, tough noogies.

Seth had the good sense (note the sarcasm) to tell me as I was driving away that if my car got hit by lightning we'd be out of luck since the insurance company probably wouldn't cover any damage for that "act of God." Ugh. Meanwhile, my biggest worry when I got shocked the first time was that I hadn't told Seth that I love him the last time I talked to him. Hah!
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