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hooray for impromptu houseguests

bluejeanjexy and pacino1901 are moving to NY, so they're driving from FL. And it would just be a shame for them to be driving through Maryland without seeing ME! So they spent the night at Chez Cohen (saving the expense of a hotel and getting to eat yummy food from Pita Plus, so it was a win all around!).

Of course, when I spoke to them yesterday morning and told them they were welcome to stay in Chez Cohen, I forgot that Danny was coming to deal with the plumbing. And even if I'd remembered, I might not have thought anything of it. But when I got home, Danny was working on the upstairs kitchen sink (and DISPOSAL!) and I went downstairs and noticed that everything smelled all musty and weird. That was because, though he had turned the water off and drained the boiler, when he disconnected the radiator, old water came pouring out of it. Water that had been sitting in it for who knows how long. So YUCK. (It wasn't Danny's fault... we knew it was bound to happen... it just hadn't really occurred to me. So we (meaning Seth) cleaned it up as best we could and did what little we (meaning Seth) could to help reduce the musty smell. Fortunately, the room they actually needed to sleep in didn't really smell so musty. Whew!

So anyway, Yael (or, as I call her, Jex) and Josh arrived a bit after 11pm. Seth and Julian were asleep of course (Seth had to leave the house around 5am today, so staying up was not an option for him). But I was up working so it was no problem. We got to talk for a bit while J & J ate, and eventually I kicked them to bed because I still had a bit of work to do and it was LATE LATE LATE. (they were thrilled to discover, of course, that Seth's computer was down in the basement in the room next to their sleeping room and that it even had a high-speed connection. Like we'd settle for dialup! Hah!)

So far as I know, they are now on their way for the last leg of their trip. I hope my directions to Max's were okay...

P.S. Even though this bunny has nothing on his head, I am using my bunny icon in honor of Josh. :)
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