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new sink!

Yesterday, Danny came to deal with some plumbing issues. He removed a radiator in the basement which was too close to the wall for us to be able to rip out the icky-faux-brick paneling and put drywall up. So he pulled it out (easier said than done) and will put it back together if possible after we're done with whatever we're doing down there. He also disconnected the plumbing to the sink in the second "kitchen" in the basment so we can rip that out and make things less icky in that room so that when we're ready to have E demolish the walls in the TV Room/Guest Room, we'll have a place to put all the stuff that's in there. Those are two rather dull jobs that don't show a lot of difference at this point, but they were necessary in order to be able to begin making the basement less dungeon-like, so it's a good thing.

BUT! EVEN BETTER THAN ALL THAT! He installed a new sink for us. It's a HUGE single sink instead of our old double sink (which was rotten because it was like having two tiny sinks, so it was useless. AND since he was installing the sink ANYWAY, he installed a garbage disposal!!!! And a new faucet. With a separate hose/sprayer/thingy. And the sink is deep enough and the faucet is high enough that I don't have to go through weird maneuvers to get the Brita Pitcher under the sink!

Ohmigosh I'm so excited. I don't know what happened to me that I can be this excited about a sink, but I am THRILLED! Between that and the dishwasher (soon to be 2 dishwashers) and am much closer to having a space I can stand in that kitchen! Whew.

Sunday is a big appliance day. Our new washer and dryer is being delivered and the old ones taken away, of course. We didn't get the super-duper-whoopie model because that cost a ridiculous amount of money so even though I reeeeeally wanted it, we didn't get it. But we got a pretty nice model. AND our fleishig dishwasher arrives the same day!! So happy. We'll be in appliance heaven. Go us!

E is coming on Sunday to rip out the kitchen downstairs. And then the fun begins!!
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