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So an hour ago I opened up this "update journal" page to update my journal (go figure), but did nothing with it and now I can't remember why I wanted to update. So here are some random bits:

First, I did speak with the 8 year old boy's foster mother in New York and she was very sweet. She checked with the agency and it is their preference to continue trying to find a New York family to adopt him because he has siblings in NY that he is in touch with. And that makes sense. Before you jump in to offer sympathy, it's not necessary. This wasn't about me, or us. It was about a boy who needed a home and if he gets a home, then THAT is what matters.

Second... shabbos. We are having ribs. Yum. We're having psujedi, caryabend, slitterst, rlitterst, jeannegrrl (and possibly Hillel), and beaniekins. Should be a good time. I don't make ribs very often, but I try to do them (or brisket) when I know Jeanne will be joining us. Lauren asked what else I was serving and I have no idea. Why would I know the answer to that?? Isn't it just the ribs that matter? I got boneless, first-cut top ribs. Not because I really wanted to spend the money for them, but because the butcher didn't have any short ribs. And hey, this saved me the step of pulling the bones out of the sauce. And they are really, really lean, so it should save some trouble skimming off fat (which I try to do whenever I make ribs or something similarly fatty). So I think they shouldn't even be so bad for us. They weren't really fatty and the sauce is ketchup, vinegar, a little sugar, a little dry mustard, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, and, um, salt & pepper. Nothing so bad in there right? Two tablespoons of sugar for sauce for that many ribs isn't so bad. Anyway, what else will I serve with it? Rice, salad, maybe tomato salad, challah (of course), and um, maybe something potatoey. Oh, and soup probably. I'm not doing fish tonight. It's too late as it is. And I bought dessert. I know it doesn't sound like my normal spread of food, but it should be plenty. Oh and corn, I think. I think I have some corn cobs at home that I need to cook. Lauren even told me how to cook them. I don't care for corn, so I didn't know. I mean, I knew they needed to be boiled, but I didn't know for how long, because, well, yuck. But other people like them. I used to like corn on the cob, but I don't anymore, I think I'm weird. Oh wait, I know I'm weird.

On Tuesday psujedi and I went to the Improv for an amateur contest. We were supposed to see basilwhite but he had to cancel his appearance. Some of the comedians were fantastic. At least one of them seriously sucked. Badly. I was embarrassed for him. And, of course, he didn't win, which upset him, but whatever, he was really bad! The host, of course, picked up on Jo's laugh immediately and started calling her the drunk lady. Tee hee. She wasn't drunk, by the way, she's just naturally boisterous. ;) After the show another comedian told her he had a show on Thursday and if she came he'd give her 5% and a cut of the CD sales. I think he was actually serious. Heh heh.

My head hurts. I've had a nasty headache on and off (mostly on) for a week now. I am not enjoying it. I didn't help matters by eating canteloupe today.

My hero is coming to the house today. Yes, that would be the cleaning lady. I love her. hooray.

Anwyay, back to work for now.

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