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Julian wakes up by 6am every day. We can almost set a clock by his wake up times. Normally he wakes up a little before six and plays happily in his room until around 6:15. If I'm lucky, he makes it to 6:30. He can't open his door, so eventually he does get annoyed at being lonely and then we let him out. This isn't as bad as when we first got him and he woke by 5am every day, so I can live with 6. Particularly during the week when I need to be up by then anyway. It's less fun on the weekend, particularly for Seth, because he gets up with Julian on the weekend 95% of the time (he must love me or something).

So when Seth and I went to sleep around 1am last night, we were a bit concerned about not getting much sleep, but since we got to see a few episodes of Angel, the sleep deprivation was almost worth it. So imagine our surprise this morning when Julian walked into our room this morning and said, "Hi!" Even more surprising was that the clock said 7:58. Uh. Huh??

I must have failed to pull Julian's door completely shut last night (if you don't pull it "just so" it doesn't latch). Either that or he's learned to open his door. But he can't have been out of his room for long because there really wasn't any more mess in the living room than there was last night. And he can't have been awake for SO long, because his room was not in a state of disaster. (when he's been awake for too long in his room, every stuffed animal, his comfortor, and his pillow get piled in the middle of the room)

Huh. I'm not complaining. I'll take it. I'm just confused!

Today we hope to: Get Julian a haircut, purchase a washer & dryer, have lunch at Sienna's, be home by 1:30 ish to get him down for a nap, see Naomi and Manny briefly while they do a drive-by Cirque du Soleil dropoff, do some laundry at the Felds (they rock), and go to a movie (mom is babysitting). Whew. And somewhere in there, I've got to not overexert myself because I'm still coughing and icky.
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