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I don't know what's wrong with me. I read a Washington Post article today about a woman who is brain dead, and pregnant. She had cancer that went undetected for too long. She is 26. I literally cried when I read the article. The poor family. Who expects that kind of loss ever, let alone when she was so young.

But there's more.

I also read an article about foster children in Maryland. In particular, the article addressed the problem of gaps in foster children's education when they are moved to new homes. Days, weeks, even months of school are missed as records are transferred from one school to another. It makes me really sad. Seriously! I told you there was something wrong with me. I just don't understand it. I mean, 5 highschools in four years? Kids asking every day "when do I get to go to school?" Why are these kids being shuttled around so much anyway? Granted, I admit that for some of them it's because they have behavioural issues that make it hard for any one family to take them in long term. But I've KNOWN kids in the foster system... they are NOT all behaviourally challenged. Some of them just got stuck in shitty families and need a place to live that's safe for a while.

I know I'm not making sense. But I'm at a loss for what I can do other than take in more foster children, which I simply cannot do right now. But I feel like ordinary people CAN make a difference, if only they knew how. And, unfortunately, I don't know how.

I just wish I could bring all those kids back to my house and take care of them.

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