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stupid home warranty

Our washer is still not working.
The stupid home warranty people are useless.
We are buying a new washer/dryer on Sunday regardless of what the home warranty people say.
I'm on hold with them now. I was on hold for 10 minutes before I got someone. She didn't know anything but figured out that I needed to talk to a different department. I have been on hold with this different department for 9 minutes 03 seconds now.

Wait. They just picked up. A miracle.

*time passes*

Okay, this dude was nice enough and extremely helpful. And the bottom line is that they're cutting us a check for the stupid washer. I'm writing off ever having anything done with the dryer at this point. So Sunday we'll go washer/dryer shopping. And I shall put this chapter of my life behind me, darnit.
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