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Still Sick

I think I'm starting to crawl out of the hole that is my miserable cold. It's ridiculous that a cold can knock me on my tuchis this hard. And really unfair, too. But I don't enjoy wheezing. So there. So I missed Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday because I couldn't stop coughing. And I also did something drastic this week.


I cancelled my shabbos guests. For me, that's huge. And I feel really awful about it, too, but then again, no one needs this cough and exhaustion and all that. And one of my would-have-beem-guests is pregnant, so that just wouldn't have been fair to her at all. So there you go. I don't know which is more devastating... missing Cirque du Soleil or cancelling shabbos guests... I think it's cancelling shabbos guests, though. Le Sigh.

So we'll have a quiet shabbos in which Seth figures dinner out instead of me. No idea what will happen for lunch tomorrow, but I'm certain we'll figure that out as well. So yeah.
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