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Julian Update

Monday I was supposed to go to Jon's after work, but that got scrapped because I didn't get out of work early enough.  By the time I got home, Jack was getting ready for bed.  So I headed home before dashing off to mikveh duty.  I came home and found Julian and Seth giggling boisterously in the yard, but I couldn't see why until I turned the corner.  It had been so hot, that after some of the heat of the day burned off, Seth took Julian outside in his little swim trunks and gave him the hose with the sprayer.  Julian had a great time spraying water everywhere and it did not, apparently, take him long to discover that if he pointed the spray at Abba, Abba ran away.  Apparently, however, he also found out that if he directed the spray at himself, he got wet.  Which scared him, so he dropped the hose and ran away.  That is, until he remembered that he LIKES water.  Below there's a picture of Julian spraying ME as I was trying to take his picture.

Such a cutie, no?  Of course, I then had to go to Toys 'R Us and buy him an inflatable pool, sprinkler and a giant beach ball.  Hooray!  We haven't inflated the pool yet, but he loves the sprinkler and the beach ball. 

I have, of course, updated my picture pages with pictures of all the fun!

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