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Nanny Crisis averted

So the nanny called in sick today. She doesn't call in sick often. And everyone's entitled to call in sick once in a while. But why, oh why couldn't she wait until Monday to get sick when we don't need her!? (Again, I'm not assigning blame, but it was just rotten timing). So I spent some time freaking out, called Julian's usual backup nanny when I could, she wasn't available. Crap. jeannegrrl generously offered to take Julian and I was about ready to take her up on it (though I'm loathe to wish a third child, particularly one as active as Julian, on anyone). Five more minutes and I would have been out the door on my way to Jeanne's when the phone rang.

My saviour was on the phone. Er. Well, Chanoch was on the phone. "I heard through the nanny grapevine that Gina is out sick and you're home with Julian and wanted to let you know that our nanny Roxanne can take Julian for the day."

I swear I think I heard angels singing "Hallelujah!"

I brought Julian down (the whole block and a half) to Roxanne and DASHED off to work.

Now I'm going to be at work late. Which means less time to go shopping and even less time to cook. 7 for shabbos tomorrow. It will all, of course, work, but DRAT! Fotunately, the chicken for tomorrow is cooked. Hopefully everything else will be too.
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