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I had something I wanted to write. Now I've forgotten. So a few random bits...

Best conversation of the day:
    Me: Hi
    Seth: Hi
    Me: So...what time did you get to work today?
    Seth: uh....6:15?
    Me: So I feel like that was kind of early.
    Seth: Yeah...
    Me: So I feel like that means you can leave kind of early.
    Seth: yeeeeeessss.....
    Me: So I feel like you should go to BJ's.
    Seth: Sure thing. What do you need?
    Me: Nine Million eggs.
    Seth: Nine million eggs?
    Me: Yup. I feel like I need nine million eggs.
    Seth: Sure thing. I'll leave after my IT Walkthrough (or whatever he said...honestly, I stopped listening after I ascertained that he was going to do what I asked without even knowing why.)

My guess is that he will come home with something less than nine million eggs, but probably plenty for me to work with.

Other things I need to write about:
* thunderstorm last night
* Jewish Braille Institute
* Julian and the sprinkler (complete with pictures!)
* food for shavuos (though that would be easier to write about if I had, you know, menus)
* other stuff, I'm sure.

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