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shabbos happenings and more (probably more interesting to me than anyone else)

I haven't had any time to do any sort of real update in a few days. Basically, everything is at the status quo right now. We are going, going, going with no end in sight most of the time. And, to be fair, that's generally how I like it (though I like occasional breathers!). This entry got to be supremely long, so I'm breaking it up into headers which will hopefully make sense.

Friday Night
Shabbos dinner was very nice. We had the Felds, but not the Abensons this week, and we also got a call shortly before shabbos from Nigel asking if he could join us. We love Nigel, and he knows he doesn't even have to ask. I made far too much food. The miracle of it is that I didn't do ANY cooking before I got home from my extremely productive day of work on Friday. GO ME! Here's what I made:
  • Gefilte fish baked in salsa
  • Fried gefilte fish fritters
  • roasted barbecue chicken (pieces)
  • veal schnitzel
  • some small boneless steaks marinated and then grilled.
  • rice with garlic
  • marinated tomato salad
  • Spinach & Craisin salad
  • Roasted potatoes (in the interest of full disclosure: these were pre-prepared, so all I had to do was heat them)
  • Um, I feel like I'm forgetting a side dish, but that might have been it
  • Linzer tarts and Black & White cookies (bakery bought)
  • Fruit salad

And all was yummilicious. Or, um, at least I'm told it was. I didn't have much of anything. I had some salad, I think, and the tomatoes.

Anyway, dinner was lovely. Aaron fell asleep right after the fish course (he always stays awake for the fish course!), but we adults had lovely conversation and a lovely meal. Nigel was about to leave to go home when he realized he left his building and apartment keys at the shul. It was after 11, so I knew no one would be there, and though we live near several people with keys to the shul, it was getting late and just didn't make a lot of sense since we have the extra beds downstairs. So Nigel spent the night downstairs. Good thing I'd accidentally left the light on in the bathroom down there!

Seth was kind enough to get up with Julian and to not go to early davening so I could sleep in. He woke me up at 8:45 to see if I wanted him to stay, since he knew I wasn't feeling great. So sweet, but no, I got up and Julian and I played for a bit, we both got dressed, I davened, and Julian and I were getting ready to go to shul when he had an absolute meltdown. I put him in his room expecting it to be just a minute or two to let him chill out (this works surprisingly well on a regular basis), but he went to sleep. Surprising, but not entirely unheard of, though I was starting to get used to being able to bring him to shul semi-regularly. Seth got home from shul at 11:30 (the rav was out of town so that took 40 minutes off the schedule). We were expected at the Kanovskys for lunch around noon, but Julian wasn't awake yet. I figured Julian would likely wake around 12:30, so I sent Seth without me and told him if Julian woke up when expected, we'd come down and join them, though we would have missed kiddush and motzi by then. Julian didn't wake until 1:15, and I figured going down there was a lost cause, so I tried to get him to eat a little lunch. He refused, so we walked down there. I was so proud of my little man for walking with me, instead of using the stroller. I was in some reasonably bad pain, so I didn't want to drag the stroller down the steps to the driveway (it's not far, but I forgot to have Seth do it). Anyway, we arrived at the Kanovskys when they were clearing the table for dessert. Many offers of food were made, but I was fine and Julian wasn't hungry. Eventually he ate a popsicle and a piece of watermelon. We stayed around for a while and the kids played together nicely. Amazing how calm and well-behaved Julian is in THEIR house! :-P

Julian went to bed pretty early, Seth went to shul, and I can't for the life of me remember what we did with the rest of our night. Probably not much. Oh yeah, I cleaned the basement a little and then we had a long talk about finances. No wonder I couldn't remember. I must have blocked it out subconsciously. Heh heh.

Sunday morning Seth went to shul, and after he came home, the three of us went to a donut get-together at Richard's house. Richard is the outgoing shul president, and he graciously had donuts for everyone who was involved in the administration (e.g. board members, other officers, and misc. people like me who worked on the banquet and journal). Of course he included family members in the invite, which was very nice. It almost made me forgive him for roping me into the journal in the first place. ;) Everyone sounded shocked when I said I'm not doing the journal next year. And why this should be a shock to anyone I don't know. I'l do it again. But not next year. It was too much this year and I don't want to repeat the experience, though I'd still like to be involved with the banquet planning in general. Anyway, I'm trying to get everyone used to hearing, "I'm not doing the journal next year" from me. Maybe I'll even believe it myself if I say it enough.

Rachel, my saviour, took Julian with her three kids to go strawberry picking after the donut get-together. I thought about going with her, but we had a lot of work to do and I was tired and she was willing, so Julian went with her. He needed a nap desperately, but he slept in the carseat, apparently, so it all worked. I got a two hour nap. Seth got some wallpapering done. Life was good. Unfortunately, Julian refused to do much drinking while there, so he got a little too dehydrated, which made for yuckiness dealing with him. But Pedialyte came to the rescute and all was good again. He curled up on my bed and watched some Wiggles for a while until he was feeling better and then he became a happy bouncy boy! Seth went to go gaming at a friend's house around 5, Julian and I played with play-doh, played with puzzles, sang some songs, and called Grammy (my mother) to tell her that Julian can say Grammy (he really makes some similar-ish sound that isn't quite right, but he knows who he means when he says it). I told my mother that we were about to go to bed and Julian said "No no!!" and started to whimper. I told him not to worry, gave him a small cup of water and walked with him into the bedroom. He walked in, crawled into bed, found his ducky, clutched his water against his little body and pursed his lips for a kiss. I sang sh'ma to him and he handed me his ducky to kiss goodnight, which i did and then he kissed me on the cheek and put his keppe on the pillow. I left the room thinking he was far too awake to stay asleep for long and that he was sure to bounce around his room for a while, but I was wrong. I didn't hear another peep out of him. I did some dishes, cleaned the dining room, took some medicine, wrote some letters and picked up the living room. Seth got home around 9:30, I washed my sheitel, he did some reading, we went to sleep. A good day.
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