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I've had such a productive day so far! (Despite yuckiness)
I have:
  • verified system inventories for 20 GSS's
  • Reviewed completed documentation packages from 4 systems.
  • Provided analysis and feedback for a draft risk assessment.
  • Cleaned my desk
  • Called my doctor's office.
  • Called Julian's doctor's office to set up an appointment to have him evaluated for allergies.
  • Created a status spreadsheet for 20 systems.
  • Updated documentation database.
  • Reviewed 2 NIST Special Publications.
  • Caught up on LiveJournal.
  • Run to Target during "lunch" to pick up huggies overnight diapers (whoo hoo!), and a newer, niftier, smaller diaper bag. And um, assorted other Target essentials.
  • Responded to 3 client requests.
  • Taunted my boss.
  • Contemplated Shabbos Dinner menus.

All in all, not too bad.
Tags: misc, work

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