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New Photos of Julian

On a good note, I was able to reallocate some space on my .Mac account (remind me not to renew that blasted thing!), so I'm able to put more pictures up. I can't figure out what the problem was anyway. It kept telling me I was out of space, but even before I reallocated space, I was only using 39% of the available webspace. Oh well. Moving some of the space from my .mac email account (which I don't use), seemed to fix the problem, so I don't really care. Before I realized I could reallocate space, drmellow generously offered me some space on greg.cohoon.name. He even, um, kindly (?) set up a temporary web page up for me: http://greg.cohoon.name/estherchaya. Please note, I take zero credit for the content, and even less credit for the truthfulness of any information found on that site. Though I'll admit to being amused by the water molecules. :)

Since I was able to reallocate space, I decided to do some cleanup and reorganization on my homepage, which turned out to be a bigger, more obnoxious project than I'd been hoping. (Which is most of why I think I don't want to renew the .Mac account.... the interface is less than useful sometimes...it's great for throwing pages up quickly, but reorganizing them and editing them is not always the easiest...add to that, the fact that it's awfully expensive for not a lot of space and it's really not worth it even if it does conveniently work with iPhoto) ANYWAY. New photos are up.
  • Go to http://homepage.mac.com/karen_cohen
  • Click on the "Julian!" box.
  • This will take you to my index page for Julian's albums.
  • There are three new albums (at the bottom of the list)

If you'd rather go directly to the new albums, they are here:
  • Here (Julian playing on his new slide and around the yard)
  • Here (Julian and Grace, as promised)
  • Here (Julian's visit with his grandfather and Uncle Greg)

Fun Fun!
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