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disappointment and frustration

Alas, sethcohen and I are not going to VA to visit have_inner_lady and predigested today. Neither of us is feeling particularly well, plus we both overextended ourselves yesterday (Seth more than me). I've got a migraine and a ridiculous ear infection which is causing my teeth to hurt even more than usual. Standing up straight is hardly an option, so driving for two hours is definitely out. Since Seth is also recovering from too much hard work yesterday, it just isn't in the cards. On a brighter note, Seth having over-extended himself yesterday means our yard is all pretty. Hooray. I'm sorry have_inner_lady and predigested. I promise we'll make it out there soon. I really, really want to see your new house, and we could really use some time in the middle of nowhere where Julian can run to his heart's content and we can breath some fresh country air (AFTER we've taken our allergy medicines, that is!).

Compounding being physically wiped out, our washing machine isn't working. So it's an even less convenient day to travel far-ish away, because we've got to find an alternative way to deal with our piles o' laundry. Particularly the supremely damp load that wasn't washed because the washer will neither agitate nor spin. Ergh. Reason #417 I hate being a homeowner. Danny is coming out on Tuesday to look at it, and if it's a quick, cheapish fix, we'll have him fix it. Otherwise, we'll call the home warranty people and have them deal with fixing or replacing it. Sigh. The washer is decades old, so it's not a surprise. It's just inconvenient and I don't have the mental energy to deal with it right now. Never mind the splitting headache. Bleh.
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