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I just realized a flaw in my Sunday plans.

Since Seth was supposed to be working on Sunday, I had suggested to Julian's grandfather that it would be a good day to visit Julian. Which means we *can't* go strawberry picking. :( Bleh. *sniff* We can't just leave Julian with his grandfather and go either, because we'll be gone for too long if we do that. He isn't, well, he's not the type to feed Julian lunch and put him down for a nap or (*gasp*) change diapers. He loves playing with Julian, but those other things are just not things he's used to doing, so he hasn't really learned to do them.


Maybe I'll go by myself.

Of course, that would mean that Seth was stuck alone with Julian some of the time that I'm gone. Argh.

Hmmm.... have_inner_lady, are there any strawberry picking opportunities out your direction on Monday?

I think I need a strawberry icon. I'm running out of icon space.

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