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  • I'm still not feeling fabulous, but I also am bored, so here I am back on LJ. I don't have anything really interesting to blog, though. Bleh.
  • Julian played with play-doh yesterday. So much fun. He's getting so smart! He used to be afraid of play-doh. Well, not afraid, exactly. But he hated having things on his hands. He still does. But he was totally willing to play with the mushy play doh. And he was good about copying me when I rolled it between my palms, or squished it under my thumb. I made a bunch of play-doh circles (not spheres...more like disks) and he stacked them all together and squished them. Okay, I know these don't seem like really monumental things, but he really was doing so well with manipulating the play-doh that it was impressive. For a toddler, anyway. So there!
  • He is also getting better with crayons. It used to be he didn't like crayons because he didn't get that he would have to apply pressure to get color out of it, unlike markers. Now he seems to have figured that out and he's really learning how to use them. Again, I know it may not seem monumental to all you college-edumacated folk out there, but this is a big deal! :)
  • I had mikveh duty last night. Supposed to be a quiet night, but one person called to see if she could come that night. Turned out that I knew her, which is always weird for me, but she didn't recognize me...it's all about context, I guess. And as I was locking up and leaving, another woman came up and asked if she could go in. Not a problem, of course. She was nine months pregnant and had heard that it was a segulah to go to mikveh in your ninth month. My question (and I didn't ask her this) is, segulah for what? I've heard that if a woman in her ninth month goes to mikveh immediately before a woman who wants to get pregnant, that's supposed to be a segulah for the woman who wants to get pregnant. But I don't know what the segulah for the pregnant woman would be. Weird. Anyway, so it was a much later night than I expected, but that's okay. I was still at work by 7:30 this morning, so it wasn't TOO bad. (I might post this question to chayeisarah, or maybe not)
  • I've lost six pounds in five days. Weird. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it's not like I was doing anything special.
  • I often wonder why people bother reading my journal. I certainly wouldn't if it weren't MY journal.
  • I had a nice, productive day at work yesterday. I'm hoping for the same (or similar) today. Obviously, I'm not off to a brillian start on productivity.
  • I want to see SW again. Jo and I are having a girls' night out Wednesday (thanks to my mother for babysitting...hooray!), so maybe we'll go see that.
  • I believe that is all.
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