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I think people should have to take a test to use the internet. Okay, that's not true, I would be horrified by such a restriction. BUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PEOPLE!!! Is it so much harder to write "you" than "u" or "I" instead of "i" or any of a number of other countless examples?


It's "people" not "poeple." It's not even "ppl"
It's "to" not "2." And yes, there's a difference between "too" and "to" and "two"... Learn it, embrace it, pass it on!
"Your" means something belongs to you as in "Please improve your flipping English."
"You're" is a contraction. It means "you are" as in "You're a fidiot." (that's a contraction for "flipping idiot, for those of you that don't know."
"ur" is not an acceptable replacement for "you are," "your," or "you're."
"Loose" means something isn't tight, or it can also mean promiscuous. As in: "That girl is really loose."
"Lose" means you misplace something. "I am about to lose my mind."
"Looser" means "less tight." It does not mean a lame person. That word is "loser."
It is "love" not "luv."
"Clothes" are those things you wear. "Cloths" are just pieces of fabric... you know like a rag, or fabric that hasn't yet been made into clothes.
"there," "they're," and "their" are three distinct words. Learn the difference.
"LOL" should be used with restraint. If you have three sentences in a paragraph that end with "LOL!!!" then you should reconsider your need to publish your embarrassing drivel on the world wide web.
Capital letters and punctuation are your friends.

I'm not asking for perfect grammar or perfect spelling or even obvious intelligence. But do you have to wear your fupidity on your sleeve like some badge of honor? (Fupitidity is Karenspeak for "flipping stupidity" if you didn't get that)

u know this mite B a god way 2 writ bc it saves lots of tim & energy but i dont no wether its worth the aggr@vation 2 writ this way bc i think if u do it makes u a looser but i coold be rong cause i've been wrong b4 i guess i should just b happee that ppl r willing 2 red my journul bc if i were u i wouldnt bother since im obviously fupider than ur

P.S. Everyone should stop getting all defensive. I was referring to a specific moron, but not any of you.
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