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My little monster is growing up!

Okay, so it's not like I didn't love him from the moment I met Julian... but something subtle is changing and I don't know quite how to put my finger on it. I don't twitch anymore when people call me his mother. That's part of it. But the bigger part is that it's getting SO difficult to leave him in the mornings. He's just so much darned fun and sweet and cuddly and loving and happy... And it's not that I think he's not getting good care during the day. It's because I'm so sad to miss out on his day every day.

(On the other hand, I'd make a lousy SAHM, and so I know this is just one of those "grass is greener" situations)

Every morning when I pick up my purse and my keys, Julian turns to me and says "Bye bye!" and waves his little hand. Then whether I ask for it (usually) or not (sometimes), he opens his arms wide and runs over to me for a hug and then gives me a big slobbery kiss. Then he squirms out of my arms giggling and moves on with the rest of his day.

It's very sad to leave that beautiful face! It would be much easier if he were having temper tantrums every morning! NO! THAT IS NOT WISHFUL THINKING! I AM NOT ASKING TO BE TESTED, SO YOU STOP LISTENING YOU POWERS THAT BE, YOU!!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :-D
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