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Lovely Sunday

This was such a perfect weekend. Friday Seth was so productive (lots of yardwork and such) and Shabbos was wonderful as I've already written. I'd have been satisfied if that was the end of the beautiful weekend. But Sunday was lovely as well!

Seth left for shul around 8 and Julian and I had breakfast (well, Julian did, anyway), and got dressed. We had some fine lounging around time in my room. He watched a cartoon while I folded laundry and then took a bunch of pictures. He was such a cuddly snuggly cutie pie that I couldn't resist. After some inside time, we went out to play in the yard until Seth returned from shul. We had a lot of fun with the camera:

When Seth returned, he asked what we had in store for the day. I said, "We're going to Hillel & Jeanne's for a bit, and then we're going to get Julian a haircut, do a little shopping, have lunch at Sienna's, and then come home. We'll figure the rest out after his nap. Oh, and the best part? You're driving!" To Seth's credit, though he hadn't known he had any plans to go with us for the day, he said Okey Dokey and we were on our way.

We got to see jeannegrrl, though Hillel was out until just as we were leaving. Mali and Julian played very nicely together while Seth, Jeanne and I got a chance to catch up a bit. We were all a little tired, but had a nice visit regardless. Of course, we got more pictures. It was a great picture taking day.

Seth and I headed out after 40 minutes or so and took Julian for a haircut. But the little rat fell asleep in the car on the way over there! He only got about 15 minutes, but boy was he OUT. I brought him into Cartoon Cuts (while Seth went to Starbucks to caffeinate himself) and we had the greatest sylist ever. Debbye was patient and listened to me and made sure she understood what I wanted. Most importantly, she believed me when I told her that the clippers/buzzers/edgers/whatever you wanna call them terrify Julian. She was absolutely fine with just using scissors. She gave Julian a train to play with and put on Thomas for Julian to watch, and she found him new toys to occupy his hands with whenever he got too squirmy so that he would calm down. He was a perfect angel for the haircut. And it looks so much better!!

After the haircut, we did a little shopping since we were near the baby store. Seth popped into the bike store looking for one of those trailer thingies so he can bring Julian with him on bike rides, but was unsuccessful in the hunt. jeannegrrl clued me in to finding one online, though. Yay for Jeanne! Julian by this point had been so good but was getting really squirmy so we decided to forgo the rest of our errands and head to Sienna's for pizza (for Julian) and sandwiches (for us). Julian was very well behaved and ate very well. I had purchased some new sippy cups at Buy, Buy, Baby, so the mashgiach said we could use the brand new sippy cup there. He even offered to wash it for us before we used it. He was so nice! I mean, I never have a problem with the mashgiachs around here. I understand the need to limit such things, but they always appreciate that I bring them new, unopened products before asking if I can use it in the store. So it works out well for both of us. Julian is almost ready to use a straw, but it's still a bit of a toy for him, so he plays with it too much. Soon, though, we won't have to worry about the sippy cups. While at Sienna's we ran into beckyfeld Harold, and Aaron. It was nice to chat a bit, but they came in when we were almost finished, so we pretty much headed straight out.

We went home and put a very, very, very sleepy boy down for a nap. And the very, very, very sleepy boy was suddenly WIDE AWAKE. And there was no nap for Julian, no matter what we tried. So we played in the living room for a bit. before deciding what to do with the rest of our day. Pictures from our visit with Mali (pre-haircut) and playing at home (post-haircut) are here:

Then, since Seth was trying to clean up a bit (a former classmate of his was coming over late afternoon/early evening), I took Julian to the park! We had such a great time! We played on the slide, and ran around in the grass, and played with a ball and drank LOTS of water! We came home when Julian was tuckering out, but once we got home, Julian realized there was a slide at HOME too! So we played in the yard for a while. I took a LOT of pictures! They are here:

Once we were done playing, Seth's former classmate, Christine (and husband Eric) came for a short visit. Julian finally hit his breaking point and had to go to bed after pretty much refusing to eat dinner. I gave him a quick bath, and put him down to bed. Once Christine and Eric left, Seth went down to the Feld's for a Mommy Day barbecue. We couldn't both go with meltdown boy, so we tag-teamed it. Seth got food to eat, I stayed with the monster and got some pictures online. Seth came home and I went down. All in all, a good time.

Whew! That was all just ONE DAY!
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