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My Ascension into Politics

I am officially the President of the beaniekins Fan Club. My first order of business, aside from showering Bea with adoration, is to recruit new members for the fan club. Dues are $18 per year or whatever you feel like paying. Proceeds will fund the Bean E. Kins Charitable Foundation (an unofficial non-profit organization) and will be used to pay for Beaniekins' LiveJournal Account or for whatever other sundry things the Fan Club decides upon. Dues are not tax-deductible, so plan accordingly. And hey, if you don't want to pay dues, that's okay too! You'll just have to write a 50 word essy on why you are worthy of being a Beaniekins Fan Club Member. Then again, I don't necessarily want to read all the piles of mail that are likely to come in for this, so the essay is also optional (though encouraged)!

For those of you who don't already know, Ms. Bean E. Kins is best known for her sarcastic yet witty journal entries detailing her exploits with rotten Maryland drivers, rude grocery express lane etiquette, more grocery rudeness and others!

Ms. Kins frequents the lovely kosher establishments in town and has been spotted around town by other Livejournalers, including jeannegrrl.

Stay tuned for exciting events, including a contest to create a Bean E. Kins Fan Club Slogan! The winner will receive absolutely nothing! How exciting can you get folks?

Today, I'm the president of a fan club....tomorrow, the White House! (er...maybe not so much but being emperor of the world would be nice)

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