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I didn't do enough tonight. And I didn't function well as a human being. I've had a few too many long days a lot too little sleep, and I'm running out of patience for just about everything. And when Julian kicked my cat, that was the end of my tolerance level. Monster got handed to Abba while I dealt with figuring out dinner for the monster. Seth got a micro meal, because I'm a lousy wife.

After Julian got to bed, I put the potatoes on to boil, talked menus with the hubby (didn't get very far with that), and went to the grocery. So I didn't start cooking until about 10pm (other than the potatoes). I made:
  • Gefilte Fish (not fritters...if there's time tomorrow, I'll make fritters too)
  • Mina de Espinaca (see previous post for link to recipe...I'm too lazy to go find it now)
  • Mushrooms in wine sauce.
  • Fresh-squeezed lemonade
And well, that's it. Not enough, I know. Oh, and I hard boiled 16 eggs. Whoopee. For tomorrow's dinner, we'll also do tomato salad, green salad and fruit salad. That should work, right? I'd intended also to make more farfel stuffing, but I didn't get around to it. Oh well.

For Saturday lunch, we'll have Salmon, which I should be able to do when I get home tomorrow. Seth said he would roast the chicken during the day tomorrow for Sat. night. I couldn't do that tonight, because it's defrosting.

I also swept and swiffered the kitchen floor. Because, you know, the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. Heaven forfend she see my dirty floor. What on earth is wrong with me??

Julian's only woken once tonight, B"H. Hopefully he's back on track after this. My teeth hurt like the dickens, so I can't even imagine what he's going through. I'm going to go take some codeine and pray for death. I mean sleep. I'm going to pray for sleep. Preferably pain-free sleep.

I'm not going to stress about getting too much time in tomorrow. I probably won't get there until 9ish and I plan to leave no later than 4. I'll live. I'll just probably not be checking LJ much tomorrow. I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow, but I can get it all done if I just focus for a change. I don't know when I lost my focus...that used to be just ME! Maybe it's the whole being-an-Eema-thing. I fear it actually disappeared before that. Bleh.

I just wish I'd gotten more done. I miss my "domestic goddess" icon.
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