December 7th, 2009

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Still OB-less

I saw a new OB today, who is (as it turns out), not certain he's comfortable taking me on as a patient at this point in my pregnancy. "It's a lot to take on." He can (and does) handle patients who have hyperemesis, or patients at increased risk for PTL, or patients with underlying medical conditions, etc. But rolling them all into one patient. Well, it is a lot to take on.

He's going to talk to the perinatologist tonight or tomorrow and let me know what he thinks I should do.

Honestly, it's all extremely disconcerting. If he won't take me on, I have little faith that I'll find another OB willing to take me on. The one bright side is that I think when he talks to the perinatologist, he's going to push for him to just take me on directly. That would certainly make things easier.

I'm seeing the perinatologist, Dr. P. on the 18th. I hope to have this issue resolved long before then, but if not, I'll talk to him again to figure out what to do, and see if he'll just take me on.