March 8th, 2009

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Another Trip to Playwise Kids (lots of pictures)

We went to Playwise kids today to meet up with some friends, and got the first family photo that we've had in 4 months taken. It's always difficult squeezing all six of us into a photo, but this one wasn't too bad!

First time I made this post, no matter what I did, the cut wouldn't work.  I'm trying one more time, and if the cut doesn't work properly, well, forget it, I'm exhausted and if you end up with a lot of pictures on your friends page, I'm sorry, but suck it up.  Edited to add:  Still didn't work, for whatever reason.  I'm too tired to mess with it.  I really must go to bed.  Sorry if it makes all your friends pages all wonky, but I really did give it an honest go at it, I've already wasted 20 minutes of precious sleep trying to fix this.

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J-man having fun with sand.

Sam was not nearly as enamored with sand as the J-man. Sam was PETRIFIED of the sand and quite mortified to find it sticking to his hand. He was quite offended by it and didn't like it one bit. I felt a tiny bit guilty taking this picture before comforting him, but it was worth the guilt.

Ellie was the only one who really loved the sand pit. Abby spent the entire time in Abba's lap, but Ellie dug in the sand, and had a grand old time.

And here's Abby - where she spent the entire duration of her stay in the sand pit - in Abba's lap. My little adventuress.
Sam-man showing off.

J-man built this awesome T-rex.

Brotherly Love. Sam had a great time sliding down with the J-man. The triplets fought over the opportunity to have a slide trip with big brother, and big brother couldn't get enough of the attention, either.

Ellie flying!

Abby posing.

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Once we reached the melt-down stage at Playwise Kids, we packed up the monsters and headed toward home. The triplets napped enough in the car that we were able to stop for dinner and when we got home, the babies went down for bed at their normal bed time, not even noticing that daylight savings time had snuck in so their normal 6:30 bedtime was really 5:30 on their natural biorhythm. They were tuckered, regardless!! Thank goodness!