April 27th, 2008

frog princess

Teenie Beanie no More

Pesach is over at long last, and I'm on long enough to post an important note that I didn't have time to write before Yom Tov started...

Ellie finally lost her Failure to Thrive Diagnosis! We can start weaning her from the 28cal/oz bottles and she can be nursed as often as I want when I'm home and she's healthy and perfect and best of all I don't have to bring her back to the doctor for SIX WHOLE WEEKS to be checked up on! Hopefully she'll maintain her terrific growth without the 28cal/oz fortification. In fact, actually, the doctor said he wants to see her growth slow slightly, because he doesn't want her curve to be so steep forever. She's done a great job with the catch up growth and now it's time for her to level out like the NORMAL BABY that she is!!

Hooray for Ellie Bellie! :)