February 8th, 2008

poke me and die!

new laptop

Last night I purchased a new laptop. My poor iBook, Percy, finally kicked the bucket. Jon thinks the motherboard is fried. I don't give a whozit what's wrong with it, other than it doesn't work anymore. Good riddance. I had Percy for four years and he's been dying a slow, grizzly death for almost two of those years. But the very sad part is that it meant I had to buy a new laptop. And I HATE buying computers. It gives me a great deal of anxiety to buy a computer. I'm an analyst, not a hardware person. I don't know anything about processors or how big a hard drive I REALLY need or video cards, or any of that. I want a computer that works. I want to not resent the computer two weeks later because I COULD have had something so much cooler. I want a computer that will do the things I want it to do with minimal fuss on my part. And most importantly, I do not want another Mac right now. Percy's slow death left a rather bitter taste in my mouth, so while I like Macs in theory, I'm just not ready to go back.

And so, after consulting with a few friends and going through the great Vista debate and trying to decide what I wanted, and realizing that no matter what I bought I wasn't going to be totally sure I'd gotten what I wanted, I bought a laptop last night. And now I have three full weeks to have buyer's remorse, because it won't ship until the 20th, and it could take 5-7 days to arrive after that! Gah! Did I mention that I hate buying computers?

So what am I going to name the new computer?