June 8th, 2007

peas in the pod

Round Ligament Pain

So among the myriad of aches and pains one experiences in pregnancy is "round ligament pain." I know, what on earth is that, right? I'll let you google it, but essentially, everything's stretching out and all sorts of stress gets put on the ligaments and voila! Excrutiating pain. I scoffed at the idea when I read about this mysterious pain in books. How, I thought to myself, will I possibly know it when I feel it, given that I have nine billion other aches and pains and ouchies and icks and yucks?

Yeah. I really WAS that naive.

HOLY OUCHIE BATMAN! There is no mistaking what this is and I do not like it one bit!

P.S. I still need a pregnancy icon. All the ones I like seem a bit... not quite right.
Edit: I now have an official pregnancy icon!
chocolate cake


LJ's b-day notification service sucks. It just decided it was time to notify me that hannahsarah's birthday is "coming up". You know... today. At least it told me before shabbos.

So happy birthday!!