December 28th, 2006


Shabbos 12/29

gnomi and mabfan
osewalrus and beckyfeld and Aaron
Nigel (!!!)
psu_jedi and caryabend and Nathan
Ian, Alida, and Avi
Us (not that we're really guests, or anything).

Anyway, 13 adults (including Aaron) and 3 kids. That's about as many people as we can fit under any circumstances. It will be tight, but should be fine.

Tentative menu:

- Challah (already made)
- Garlic Tofu Dip (Seth will make this tomorrow)
- Fish fritters (already made)

- Arugula salad with mandarin oranges and balsamic vinaigrette
- Brisket
- Tomato Salad
- potato Kugel
- Challah Kugel (Becky should not eat this as it has pineapple in it)
- Green beans (hopefully with caramelized onions, but I haven't made it that far yet)
- Mushroom tarts (really pies, since I used pie crusts, but whatever, they're already made also)

- Chocolate Mousse for dessert (need to buy some cookies or something for the kids)

It should be a good night. Here's hoping. I'd been hoping for an all-out mushroom themed meal, but I just never got around to planning it, and never found the time to make mushroom soup, which would have been the right way to start it off. Therefore, the mushroom tarts are merely an acknowledgment of the original plan. Such is life.