December 8th, 2006

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Touch Down

Seth's plane arrived about an hour ago (about 45 minutes later than scheduled, but that's not too bad). He's gotten his car and is now driving back toward Silver Spring. I will be long gone by the time he gets home, but it sure is good to know that we're in the same state right now. I'll see him this afternoon. Whew!

(and yeah, he is SO on parenting duty for a MONTH)
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This has been an extremely long week. Here's the rundown, some of which you already know, some of which you don't.

Abandonment (Revisited)
As you all know, Seth left early Sunday morning for Anaheim. It sounds like he had a good time, learned a lot, and saw some old (and new) friends. I'm glad he had a good time, but boy am I glad that he's home now. (I haven't seen him yet, but I do know he's home at last)

Julian asked me every morning "Where's Abba?" And I would say, "He's in California, sweetie." And he would always respond, "Oooooohhhhh! Like Lightning McQueen?!?" "Yes, sweetie, like Lightning McQueen." That's all Julian really said on the topic of Seth's absence, but it was definitely affecting him. He adores Seth and he definitely got kvetchy within a few days of Seth leaving. We usually called Seth at bedtime, but by the end of the week, Julian didn't want to talk to Abba in the evening. I think he had figured out that talking to Abba meant that it was bedtime and he must have thought if he said "No Sanks" (no thanks) when offered the phone that it would mean he didn't have to go to bed. Indeed, last night I didn't have the energy to argue with him and he didn't go to bed until after 9:30. And, of course, he was still up at 6 on the dot this morning.

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Basement Work
Since I didn't have enough fun and excitement what with my husband being out of town, having deadlines at work, a child who threw up Every. Single. Day. and all the normal life stuff... we had contractors in the basement all week replacing the ceiling, hanging some doors, putting baseboards and molding in the two main rooms down there, and installing new light fixtures. This meant that the cats couldn't go downstairs (there were nails and power tools and all sorts of NOT GOOD things for kitties down there). It also meant that I couldn't sleep down there, which confused Julian every morning when he went looking for me. And it meant that Julian couldn't go down there, which REALLY bothered him. Not quite as bothered as the cats were, but close. And there was dust everywhere. Every. Where. Drywalling a ceiling is messy, did you know that? Sheesh.

But I was pleasantly surprised to come home last night and discover that the work is complete. We have a lovely new ceiling, some fine new doors, a radiator re-installed in our bedroom, some lovely light fixtures, and some lovely baseboards and molding. And all the drop cloths, plastic sheeting, chunks of drywall, sawdust, nails and power tools are gone. And it looks great. Truly. So at least I got to sleep in my own bed last night.

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